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Win a Holiday to Dubai

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Holidays in Dubai?

   Dubai Weather

The general Dubai weather pattern in Dubai won’t surprise you. After all this is desert region, although you can get in some snow ski practice in the indoor ski slope! or go in there just to get away from Dubai's summer heat.

Heading for Dubai, you'll know full well what Dubai weather awaits you. It’s very likely it is going to be clear blue skies, hot and sunny. Most people who know Dubai say it’s best to stay away from the region during the main summer months, roughly June to September if you can. Of the ten hours of sunshine then eight are REALLY HOT! . Temperatures can reach 48°C (120°F). Relative humidity rises during this period too, making things quite uncomfortable at times.

Dubai Weather - Clear Blue Skies

The best time for westerners to go to Dubai is between December and March when the Dubai weather is much more agreeable. During these months, daytime temperatures range between about 22°C and 30°C (77°F to 95°F). The nighttime minima can get as low as about 7°C (48°F) and in the built up areas on rare occasions and will go even lower if you are under canvas in the mountains. Depending on where you call home these temperatures may not even seem cold.

There is no predictable monsoon or even a particular rainy season in the Dubai weather calendar, as experienced travelers might expect. There can be rainfall at any time, even in the middle of summer. Historically though; January to March has had the most rainfall days.

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