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Holidays in Dubai?

   Dubai Visa Information

This Dubai visa information is - General Information.

Important Notices - Please note that this Dubai visa information is for UK citizens only and is correct as of Jan 2007. Before you travel please check with your travel agent or nearest UAE embassy for the latest information or if you are in Dubai contact the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Administration Department.

There are several types of visas for visitors to Dubai but for the purposes of a tourist visit UK Citizens (with the right of abode in the United Kingdom) will be granted a visa (passport stamp) free of charge for a One Entry Visit on arrival in Dubai. This visa is valid for the whole of the UAE. The visa enables UK Citizens to stay for 60 days. The visa is renewable for a total stay of 90 days for a fee of Dhs 500. A penalty charge of Dh 100 per day is imposed on visitors who overstay.

Dubai Visa information Alert: Nationals of the state of Israel are not permitted enter Dubai or any other UAE state.




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