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Win a Holiday to Dubai

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Holidays in Dubai?

Dubai - What You Need To Know

Dubai is famous the world over as a rich man's playground - Dubai - What You Need To Know

Dubai is famous the world over as a rich man's playground.

Top player in the business community - Dubai - What You Need To Know

Firmly ensconsed as a top player in the business community, with record-breaking skyscrapers and the world's only seven star hotel to boast of, it's little wonder that Dubai is such a draw for holidaymakers seeking a taste of luxury. If you've never been to Dubai, you'll probably have a few basic questions. Let's address them...

Flights. Browse the web – there are loads of cheap flights out there, particularly during July and August as the temperature soars to levels that many find unbearable. If you can stand the heat, you might save some pennies. Try DialAFlight for starters – they offer some excellent deals on low-budget flights to Dubai.

Hotels. As you may know, Dubai is home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. They simply don’t do hostels, so it’s hard to keep costs down. One way of avoiding top dollar rates is to stay away from the expensive beach hotels. Look around online for hotels further inland, closer to the airport. You can still access the beach and nightlife, but without the premium pricetag.

Camel trip into the desert - Dubai - What You Need To Know

Things to do. There’s so much to do here. The number one outing in my book is a camel trip into the desert followed by a Bedouin banquet under the starry sky. Breathtaking. And if you want to see the world in a day, take a yacht round Dubai’s most audacious development, called simply The World. This man-made archipelago forms a miniature map of the world when viewed from above. If you can afford a helicopter to view it properly... then you probably don't need money-saving advice!

Dining. Dubai is an excellent city for foodies. From Michelin-starred cuisine, to humble buffets and street food, Dubai has it all. Be sure to try local culinary delights like shawarma, an Arab staple which has been succesfully exported across the world. On Fridays Dubai offers a ‘Champagne Brunch’, during which hundreds of restaurants and hotels offer free champagne receptions and unlimited buffet lunches to anyone who wants it. A taste of the highlife for those who cannot ordinarily afford it.

Night-Life. Dubai / Dubai - What You Need To Know

Night-Life. Dubai, set in this most conservative part of the world, is well known for its strict alcohol licensing laws. Stay away from illegal vendors. Shops and supermarkets do not sell liqor, but most bars, hotels and restaurants do. Visit the famous Sky View bar for incredible vistas across the cityscape. Be aware that drinks are pricey!

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